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Dental Specialty Training

Specialty training in Scotland is recruited both Nationally, by NHS HEE, and locally, by NHS Education for Scotland.

National recruitment to specialty training

For information including timetables, recruitment documents and how to apply, please go to the COPDEND website.

More information on national recruitment.

Recruitment to Speciality Training in Orthodontics and Paediatrics in 2023 will be carried out on a UK-wide basis.

Specialty training 2023 national recruitment timetable

Specialty training 2023 national person specifications


Please see a list of posts that are going live in 2023:


ST1 Orthodontics - Glasgow

ST1 Orthodontics - Inverness

ST1 Orthodontics - Fife/Edinburgh

ST4 Orthodontics - Glasgow

ST4 Orthodontics - Aberdeen (part time post) 


ST1 Paediatric Dentistry - Glasgow - 2 posts

ST1 Paediatric Dentistry - Edinburgh


Please note that the above is subject to change.

Local recruitment to specialty training

Specialty training leads to inclusion on one of the GDC’s specialist lists. The training period depends on the specialty and varies from three to five years.

Scotland offers programmes in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology, Dental Public Health, Endodontics, Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry.

Recruitment 2023

Applications for the following vacancies are now closed.

If it is a requirement to submit a self-assessment form with your application, please submit this along with relevant evidence to please contact us by going to the Service Desk here and submitting a support request by the closing date.  Applications are not complete until self assessment is submitted.

Please note that the salary range for local StR posts is £34,901 to £54,879. Your starting salary with be determined upon appointment.

ST1 Restorative Dentistry 

To apply please click here

ST1 Restorative - Person Specification

ST1 Restorative - Post Descriptor

ST1 Restorative - Self Assessment Form 2023


ST1 Special Care Dentistry

To apply please click here

ST1 Special Care Dentistry - Person Specification

ST1 Special Care Dentistry - Post Descriptor

ST1 Special Care Dentistry - Self Assessment Form 2023


Please note that the above is subject to change.


Contact us

If you have any queries about speciality training in Scotland, please contact us by going to the Service Desk here and submitting a support request.

Study leave

Go to the Scotland Deanery website for study leave policy and advice on how to apply.

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