NHS Education for Scotland: Fast Facts



Vision and Mission

We are committed to Scotland’s health service values and we aim to ensure that staff are supported through education. These values guide how we work, the decisions we make and the way we treat people:

care and compassion

dignity and respect

openness, honesty and responsibility; and

quality and teamwork

We will embed these values through our ways of working,
these are:

always aim for excellence in education

be open, listen and learn

take responsibility and lead by example

respond quickly and confidently

look ahead and be creative

respect and value each other; and

work in partnership to a clear common cause

During the past few years we have become active in the education of an increasingly wide range of staff both within the NHS and beyond through our support for public service reform and our work across health and social care. In addition we promote equality and value diversity and ensure that these principles are central to all that we do.


Our vision is Quality Education for a healthier Scotland

Our mission is Education that enables excellence in health and care for the people of Scotland.

NHS Education for Scotland

Westport 102

West Port

Edinburgh EH3 9DN

tel: 0131 656 3200

fax: 0131 656 3201

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