NHS Education for Scotland: Fast Facts



Understanding what our clients need

We continually consult with our key clients
to ensure that we are offering the best, most appropriate service to meet their training and education needs. A thorough understanding of their strategic needs and priorities, along with knowledge of requirements at an operational level, enables us to prioritise and target our investment in educational support efficiently and productively.

We have established a range of mechanisms for communicating and consulting with NHS Boards
to underpin this highly responsive and proactive approach:

a structured engagement process, linking senior managers within each NHS Board with a senor point of contact in NES

an extensive network of links between our staff and staff across the wide range of clinical and non-clinical professional groups

active involvement in regional groupings including those dedicated to workforce planning and service planning.

Involving Service Users

With a clear focus on supporting excellent healthcare for the people of Scotland, we involve users of NHSScotland services in our work where possible. The inclusion of lay people in our work helps us to ensure that the patient experience is at the forefront of our work and makes a significant contribution to educational quality.  We are accountable to the Scottish Government for the way in which we consult health service users and have benefitted from the involvement of the public in areas such as the quality assurance of postgraduate medical education, engagement with young people on health priorities and patient group representation in a range of educational initiatives.

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