NHS Education for Scotland: Fast Facts


Our funding and how
we use it

We are funded by the Scottish Government Health Directorate. Our total recurrent baseline funding for 2014-2015 was £403 million, and our total income was £436 million.

Of this amount, £350 million was spent on direct educational expenditure in hospital and community services. This included expenditure of £259 million supporting salaries and associated costs of trainee doctors, dentists, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, healthcare scientists and intern nurses who all spend a significant proportion of their time delivering patient care.

The fact that NES receives this allocation from the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate means that we are able to ensure that the money is ring fenced to pay for clinicians in training, thereby ensuring that SG policy in relation to workforce numbers is implemented, and protecting the supply of trained clinicians for the future. A further £91 million was paid to NHS Boards to support the Additional Costs of Teaching (ACT) that they incur in providing clinical training opportunities for undergraduate medical and dental students.

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