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A partnership approach

Partnerships are crucial to how we do things and we work closely with other NHS Boards, the Scottish Government and social care partners to develop a clear understanding of what we need to achieve to deliver our activities.

We strongly support Public Service Collaborative Learning and we also maintain close partnerships with UK regulatory and professional bodies, as well as key organisations such as Health Education England. Closer to home the Scottish Funding Council and the Scottish Social Services Council are key partners and we are developing new partnerships with the third sector. We also work closely with Scotland’s Colleges and Universities, Skills for Health, Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We routinely engage with a wide variety of colleagues in government and across health and social care and the third sector in Scotland.

Our engagement and intelligence gathering processes are important because they help us to establish what issues matter to our stakeholders, as well as what national policy initiatives we need to support. We use this information when planning our activities. Our stakeholders identified the medical workforce, health and social care integration, quality and safety, support workers and leadership and management as top priorities.

In addition the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision, requires our strong support and we know that accessible education for the remote and rural workforce; statutory and mandatory training; improving how we provide our digital resources; assessing the impact of our work; improving access to education (in particular for support workers); providing workforce analysis, intelligence and modelling and developing the workplace learning environment, are important areas.

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