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Foundation Training (formerly PRPS) Training providers

Training Provider Information Statements  

The Training Provider Information Statements allow applicants to search for Training Providers according to their preference for sector and/or geographical area.  

Details of Training Providers involved in PRPS for 2022/23 Training Year will be published on the TPI site and on Oriel once applications open.  

Further information on Training Provider Information Statements will be available in the PRPS Information Booklet for Prospective Trainees once this is published.  

Support webinars and FAQ’s

Colleagues from NES, HEE, HIEW and BPSA co-hosted a webinar on Wednesday 3rd June where they talked through the alternative national arrangements for 2020, as the assessment process will be the same across England, Scotland and Wales. We encourage you to view this webinar – if you missed the webinar a recording is available to view on the RPS website.

Following on from this, NES Pharmacy hosted a Scotland specific webinar on Wednesday 10th June to explain the full Recruitment process in 2020 for the Pre-registration Pharmacist Scheme in Scotland. We strongly encourage you to view this webinar to ensure you are fully aware of the various steps in the recruitment process:

Please see a list of useful FAQ’s recently published for pre-registration recruitment 2020 following an event organised by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

There will be a national webinar taking place on the 11th May 2021 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm to explain the 2021 recruitment process.

To register for a place to attend the webinar, please go to:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Important: We would like to bring to the attention of all applicants the potential impact Brexit may have on your application, employment and training in the UK. We therefore encourage you to refer to the UK Government website for further information and advice.

Information for PRPS Training Providers

Training Provider Information Statements provide an opportunity for Training Providers to publish information on the NES website regarding their organisation, including contact details for arranging visits and work placements. The statement is intended to help candidates identify their preferences for Training Provider. Once the Pharmacy Recruitment Team have reviewed the Training Provider Information Statements these will be published on the NES TPI site and then on Oriel once applications open.

Training Providers taking part in this year’s recruitment process have two options: Option A – to submit a preference list of candidates they would be willing to employ and work with over the training period OR Option B – not submit a preference list of candidates. Prior to making a decision, we advise all Training Providers to read the PRPS Information Booklet for Training Providers, linked below. 

Find the Information Booklet for Training Providers [PDF]

***Immigration Factsheet will be published shortly 

Recruitment Activity  


What Training Providers need to do  

Expressions of interest to take part in the recruitment process and completion of Training Provider Information Statements  


February to March 2021  

 Expression of Interest Deadline - 1st March 2021 at 12pm  

Submission of TPIS Deadline - 29th March 2021 at 12pm.  


Training Providers need to confirm if they wish to be included in the 2021 recruitment process and complete a Training Provider Information Statement via TPI. Late submissions will not be accepted.  Training Providers, new and existing, will need to sign a copy of the Educational Agreement or Service Level Agreement.  


Once you have submitted your expression of interest, the Pharmacy Recruitment team will contact you to confirm your registration and to advise you can start completing your TPIS.  


Training Provider Information Statements Published on TPI Site 

15th April 2021 


Visitation Period  

April to October 2021  

Once Training Provider Information Statements are published, applicants will contact the Training Providers to discuss training opportunities, possible placements and how to get their name on a preference list if applicable. This is when you will be able to identify preferred candidates.  

Training Provider Information Statements published On Oriel  

9th June 2021  


Oriel applications open  

9th June 2021 (12pm ) 


Oriel applications close  

23rd June 2021 (12pm)  


Training Provider Preferences open (for those submitting a list)  

15th July 2021 (12pm)  

If you choose to submit a preference list this year, preferencing opens in July and closes in October. No further names can be added to your list after the deadline.  

Candidate Preferencing window opens

28th July 2021 (12pm)  


Invitation to SJT/numeracy selection centre opens  

4th August 2021  


Invitation to SJT/numeracy selection centre closes  

18th August 2021  


SJT/Numeracy selection centre held  

0ctober 2021  


Training Provider Preferences close  

14th October 2021 (12pm)  

If you choose to submit a preference list this year, preferencing opens in July and closes in October. No further names can be added to your list after the deadline.  

Candidate Preferencing window closes  

October 2021 


Comms to unsuccessful students  

November 2021 


First iteration of offers made  

November 2021 


Offers upgrade deadline  

November  2021 


Candidate Handover  

December 2021  

Matching outcomes will be released and you will be notified via TPI system of the names of your trainees. Copies of their application form and ID documents will be uploaded to your TPI account.  

Programme commences  

July/August 2022  


Privacy and data protection

Full details of how NHS Education for Scotland manages personal data within PRPS recruitment can be found in the following PRPS recruitment privacy notice [PDF].

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