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NES Technology Service

NES Technology Service (NTS) is a directorate within NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

NTS provides a comprehensive technology delivery service in support of NES’ strategic objectives and acts as a primary technology delivery partner to Scottish Government in support of their Digital Health and Care Strategy 2021.

NTS Objectives

  • Consolidating NES’ data and technology expertise into a professional, focused centre for technical excellence supporting all the organisation’s outcomes.
  • Delivering a strategic programme for the transformation of digital based services to allow NES to become a leading digital organisation in Scottish Health, digital by default and fully aligned with the Scottish Government’s technology strategies.

As a delivery partner of the Scottish Government, NTS is developing platforms and services that will ensure the public’s health and social care data is available at the right time, in the right place to the right people. It is in pursuit of this aim that NTS are working with partners to develop the National Digital Platform.

The National Digital Platform

In the future, the first point of contact for many health and social care services will be digital. This requires technology that enables innovation and communication between systems in order to ensure these services are delivered in the most effective way.

The National Digital Platform (NDP) is an open, standards-based platform, supporting technology for the health and social care environment. It underpins our commitment to making health and care information and services more accessible. Working with those delivering solutions across health and social care to bring new and existing digital components onto the platform, for re-use.

The National Digital Platform

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The National Digital Platform

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Last updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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