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Supervision of psychological therapies and interventions

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Supervision has a pivotal role in the effective and efficient delivery of Psychological Therapies and Interventions across all disciplines.

While many clinicians appreciate the role of supervision as a support within the professional context, supervision also plays a key role in quality assurance, patient safety, evaluation of competence and educational development.

Cross professional framework

In line with NES's role of providing "a skilled and sustainable workforce for a healthier Scotland", NES Psychology Directorate has developed an inclusive cross professional framework for the delivery of high quality supervision training.

Key to this framework is the "NES Training in Generic Supervision Competences for Psychological Therapies and Interventions", often referred to as the GSC, which covers models of supervision, techniques in assessment and evaluation and educational principles.

More information about the GSC can be found in the GSC Information leaflet

This is complemented by a range of modality and profession specific modules which focus on the technical skills and/or professional context within which supervisors practice.

Continual professional development for more experienced supervisors is also supported across all professions through workshops, masterclasses and conferences.


Access the learning programmes on Turas Learn

More information about the suite of NES supervision training offered can be found on the Turas Learn site (please log into your TURAS account to access the full site)

Supervision training when supervising DClinPsy trainees

Find out more information on Supervision training requirements for Clinical Psychologists supervising DClinPsy trainees within the last section of this website:

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Last updated: 27/09/2020

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