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Project Lift

Project Lift is an ambitious whole-system approach to enhancing leadership capability and capacity in Health and Social Care in Scotland. It is open to staff of all levels, in all roles and at all stages of their development.

What is Project Lift?

The increasingly complex nature of the Health and Care system means that working effectively in multi-professional teams, collaboratively across organisational boundaries, and alongside people in our communities is key.

We believe a collective and collaborative approach to leadership will help us transform care in Scotland. Project Lift is here to support the development of leadership capability across the system by supporting people at all levels, at all stages and in all roles across Health and Social Care to develop their leadership capabilities. Our fresh approach to leadership is outlined in our Project Lift ethos.

For more about the why, who and how of Project Lift watch our Project Lift welcome animation.

The 5 elements of Project Lift

Currently there are 5 key elements in Project Lift helping us enhance leadership capability and capacity in Health and Social Care in Scotland:

  1. Engagement – Connect in a way that works for you. Find out how you can hear about and take part in a wide range of Project Lift community events and much more…
  2. Talent management - We encourage everyone with an interest in leadership to start with looking at self. We have a leadership profile and self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) to help you and your teams review and develop your leadership skills and practice.
  3. Leadership development – We want colleagues to own their leadership development journey. We will signpost to development opportunities and resources that align with your interests, development needs and how you like to learn. We offer connection to Project Lift resources that compliment resources available via NES and in local Boards and partnerships
  4. Performance appraisal Use your Performance Appraisal and PDP to link your performance, your career aspirations and the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan to show how you can contribute to transforming care, starting with you.
  5. Values based recruitment (VBR) Values Based recruitment is an integral part of Project Lift and places the NHS Scotland values (care and compassion; dignity and respect; openness, honesty and responsibility; and quality and teamwork) at the core of the approach taken to fill posts at NHS executive team level;

Our team

We have a small core team however working collaboratively allows us to consider everyone we work with closely as part of the real Project Lift team. Our collaborators and partners work with us across our five elements and include team members situated in Organisational, Leadership and Education Development (OLED) team here in NES and within Scottish Government, collaborations and contributions from Health Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships and the Scottish Social Services Council and also several external technical partners who provide expert input and collaborate with us in delivering the work.

Read more about our team and collaborators.

Our progress and resources

We are proud of our work and achievements to date. Our recently digitally published 2019/20 Progress Report includes highlights of our work in the five key elements over the last year and our ambitions for 2020/21. Find out more and explore the report.

You can keep up to date and join the latest conversations by following us on twitter. Our website resources are now fully searchable and you can search on specific sections of your SAQ, our ethos or other popular leadership topics.

Last updated: 14/10/2020

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