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Medical Associate Professions (MAPs)

The NHS Recovery Plan was published on 25 August 2021, committing over £1 billion of targeted investment for the recovery and renewal of our health service. A key requirement to delivering the Recovery Plan is having the right workforce in place at the right time.

Medical Associate Professions (MAP) roles have been identified as potential alternative workforce options to build flexibility and resilience in teams and to contribute to the increase in clinical capacity that is essential to meet current and future demands.

Based on the requirement within the Recovery Plan, Scottish Government has appointed NES to undertake this commission to scope current and future demand and opportunities arising for Medical Associate Professions (MAP) roles across Scotland. This commission seeks to inform progressive workforce and service planning, outlining potential for greater integration into workforce plans. Additionally, educational needs analysis will focus on the possibilities of adaptation and collaboration with existing providers.

NES along with colleagues from GMC, Scottish Government and NHS England Workforce, Education and Training delivered a seminar at the recent NES annual conference on 27 April 2023. The MAPs update collaborative presentation and recording is available now.

You can see the progress of the commission work, upcoming events, find links to resources, career stories and keep up to date with the latest news and information around the commission work via our dedicated NES Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) Turas site

joint statement was issued in April 2022 by FICM and HEE,  which confirms that  ACCP will formally align with the Centre for Advancing Practice and no longer be considered as a Medical Associate Profession. Further to this statement, it is confirmed that NES aligns with this position as it continues to progress the Scottish Government Commission regarding MAPs and ACCPS, who will no longer be referred to as a MAP. The activity of the workstream is unchanged.

We are building up a library of career stories to showcase the different roles within MAPs. If you would like to offer to record a career story or join our mailing list, please email us at

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Last updated: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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