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Learning disability

The Scottish Government sets out their ambition for people with learning disabilities in the revised Keys to Life Implementation Framework, and Towards Transformation, produced in the context of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.  

The vision is for a creative, open and connected nation in which people with learning disabilities are empowered to: live healthy and active lives, learn to reach their full potential, participate in an inclusive economy and contribute to a fair, equal and safe Scotland.

We wholeheartedly support these aspirations, and highlight the need to continue to develop the workforce in health and social care services to achieve this. This is particularly relevant in relation to physical health needs, emotional wellbeing, mental health needs (including trauma) and behaviours perceived as challenging. 

Turas Learning

Our Turas Learning page is always being updated, and includes a wide range of resources, including our educational frameworks, webinars, e-learning, and other resources.  Resources can be found on this page in relation to our  key areas of equal health, psychological care, trauma and behaviours perceived as challenging.  We also provide information to support the new annual health check for people with learning disabilities.  

Resources on Turas are free to access for anyone.  Some require an account to access, but anyone can register using any email address.  You can register for Turas Learn here

Contact us

For further information about resources and upcoming events or should you wish copies of any of our resources, please send your request to: or


Last updated: 26/05/2023

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