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Dental undergraduate bursary scheme


The Dental Undergraduate Bursary Scheme was introduced in 2006/7 and was discontinued from 2017/18.

The bursary was for £4000 per year and was available to undergraduates studying for a Bachelor in Dental Surgery degree at one of the three Scottish Universities offering this course: - University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee and University of Glasgow.

DUBS Information Pack

DUBS Information Pack [PDF]


Bursaries were available to students in their second, third, fourth or fifth year of study, so depending on when a student took up the offer of a bursary then they could, in most instances, receive a total of four bursaries over the course of their studies.

The bursary was available to students who met the following eligibility criteria at the time:

  • were registered for a qualifying dental course in a qualifying dental school
  • agreed to commit to working in dentistry in the NHS in Scotland following graduation.

Commitment to work in Dentistry in NHS Scotland

The time period of work in dentistry in the NHS in Scotland following graduation was calculated on the basis of one year for each bursary received, plus an additional year.

To demonstrate work in dentistry in the NHS in Scotland following graduation, NHS earnings must represent at least 80% of their individual’s total earnings in each of the relevant years.

The one-year of Dental Vocational Training in Scotland, counts as one of the years within an individual dentists NHS Scotland commitment.

Failure to meet commitments

The terms of the bursary award and related commitment period also required that the period of related employment must also have begun within one calendar year of the student’s graduation.   

Where an undergraduate either failed to graduate from dental school or failed to complete the course at any point, then they will be required to repay the full amount of the dental bursary received by them for that year of the course.

NHS Education for Scotland act on behalf of Scottish Government to monitor compliance with the bursary requirements and will contact bursary recipients at appropriate times to review their progress in terms of fulfilling their obligations.

Where it is established that a bursary recipient has been unable to fulfil their  obligations then they may be liable to repay some or all of the bursaries that they previously received. Any repayment of bursaries is then dealt with by the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

Sample contract

Example of a Glasgow/Dundee Contract (PDF)

Example of an Aberdeen Contract (PDF)

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Last updated: Thursday, May 25, 2023

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