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Care home education facilitators (CHEFs)

CHEFs work with teams in care homes, primarily for older people, to improve practice learning environments and to enhance the capability of practice supervisors and practice assessors.

There are 14WTE permanent CHEF posts across Scotland and an additional 7WTE CHEFs in post until 31st March 2023.

More about the CHEF role

CHEFs can enhance cross sector working, complementing the practice education network infrastructure in health boards.

The principle aims of the role are to:

  • enhance the quality of the care home learning environment by supporting the education and development needs of staff to better support students
  • improve quality of care in care homes, through sign-posting learning opportunities for nurses and support staff
  • support the development of both new and experienced practice supervisors, practice assessors and those in wider practice education support roles
  • contribute to collaborative working between care homes, the NHS and educational institutions
  • maximise the contribution care homes make to the development of the future nursing workforce

National priorities

Alongside the core CHEF function, every year three national priorities are identified by NES, NHS Boards practice education leads and Higher Education Institutions colleagues, to enable the correct response to regulatory and policy drivers. Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic on some nursing and midwifery practice learning experiences and during this period of recovery the national priorities have been developed for the period July 2021- March 2023.

National Priorities for 2021-2023 [PDF]

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Last updated: 25/09/2020

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