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Behaviour change for health

All health and care staff have a unique opportunity to support people to make changes to their behaviour that can have a positive impact on their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The MAP of Health Behaviour Change Learning Programme aims to increase capability and capacity in all health and care staff to provide psychologically informed behaviour change support to the people they care for.

MAP of health behaviour change learning programme

MAP stands for Motivation, Action and Prompts.  We know that for a behaviour change to occur and to be maintained, we need to:

  • Have motivation to make the change,
  • be taking action that will result in the change
  • be aware of the prompts and cues which help and hinder us to make the change and to stick to it.

The MAP Learning Programme aims to equip all Health, Care and 3rd Sector staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to people about behaviour change and to deliver theory-based interventions which are person-centred and will promote positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

Watch this short video for a summary of the MAP of Health Behaviour Change Learning Programme. The MAP of Health Behaviour Change Animation on Vimeo


Full MAP Learning Programmes:

This NES module is an introduction to the MAP approach to behaviour change for health and wellbeing. It is available to all, and is especially relevant to any health, care and 3rd Sector practitioner who has contact with people during the course of their work. The module can be used as a standalone resource as an introduction to behaviour change, or as a foundation to the skilled level MAP Workshops.

Link to the eLearning Module


CORE MAP Workshops and Learning Resources

These skills-based workshops and resources are available to all health and care practitioners and offer the opportunity to develop their practice after completing the eLearning Module.  The workshops are delivered by NES or by local MAP Trainers in NHS Boards and apply MAP principles across a wide range of health and care delivery contexts, health conditions, staff groups and citizen groups.

Current CORE MAP Workshop dates (delivered by the NES MAP Team and open to practitioners from all Boards/Local Authority areas)


Tues 8th August & Tues 15th August 2023 (09.30-13.00 both dates)

Mon 6th November & 13th November 2023 (09.30-13.00 both dates)

Monday 5th February & Monday 12th February 2024 (09.30-13.00 both dates)


CORE MAP coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are offered throughout the year to support learners meaningfully embed the skills within their practice.

Current Coaching session dates (delivered by the NES MAP Team and open to practitioners from all Boards/Local Authority areas)

Winter 2023 MAP Coaching Session - Monday 20th November (13.00 - 16.30)

Spring 2024 MAP Coaching Session - Monday 18th March (09.30 - 13.00)


Healthy Beginnings: MAP of Health Behaviour Change

These skills-based workshops and learning resources have been specifically developed to support practitioners working in Early Years services to support families in making changes which will lead to positive health and wellbeing outcomes for their children.  Created in response to the NHS Health Scotland Standards for the Delivery of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Weight Management Services for Children and Young People (2019), and in collaboration with NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council, the programme focuses on:

Person centred care and communication skills which support those working in Early Years Services to have sensitive conversations with families and carers about child healthy weight and other related behaviour change.

How to use the MAP of Health Behaviour Change approach to signpost to Tier 2 and 3 services, and/or to support the family directly to make behaviour change which will improve health and wellbeing.

Workshop dates for 2023/2024 are still to be confirmed. If you would like to notified when these dates are released, please contact the NES Psychology Team:


MAP Training for Trainers Programme:

The NHS Education for Scotland MAP Team train, co-facilitate, observe and coach local trainers to ensure they have the competence and confidence to deliver the MAP content to a high standard while maintaining flexibility and adding their own training style.  

Current MAP Training for Trainers Workshop dates:

Monday 14th August 2023 (13.00 - 16.30) *Cancelled*

*New date* Tuesday 3rd October (13.00 - 16.30)

Monday 14th December 2023 (09.30 - 13.00)

Monday 11th March 2024 (13.00 - 16.30)

To register your interest in the Training for Trainers Programme, please contact NES Psychology Team:

For more information and for the e-learning, go to:

The MAP of Health Behaviour Change Learning Programme page on TURAS, (MAP of health behaviour change : helping people to make and maintain behaviour change | Turas | Learn (

For further information about workshops, please contact the NES Psychology Team:


3rd Sector NHS and Care Partner Organisations

If you work with a 3rd Sector organisation in partnership with a Health Board or Local Authority and are interested in attending the full MAP Learning Programme, or in arranging training for your staff, please contact us via the NES Psychology Team:


Behaviour Change for Wellbeing:

The MAP approach can be used to support ourselves and others to make changes which will benefit our own health and wellbeing. We have collaborated with the National Wellbeing Hub to provide a guide to putting all of the self-care hints and tips into action. Watch the video and download our MAP Planner from the National Wellbeing Hub now.

Using MAP for Wellbeing - a quick planning tool to use at work and at home - National Wellbeing Hub


Last updated: 08/08/2023

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