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Turas 365 sign in

Turas 365 sign in

Turas 365 sign in

NES Technology Service are delighted to announce that all NHS Scotland users now have the option to access the Turas platform using their Office 365 sign in credentials.

New sign in options

NHS Scotland users arriving at the Turas platform sign in screen will now be presented with the following options:

  • sign in with your Turas details


  • sign in with Office 365 

When a user selects the ‘Sign in with Office 365’ option shown below, the system will automatically recognises their email address and password.  


Turas option to sign in with 365

What are the benefits?

Linking Turas to Office 365 will save time and reduce the need to remember many different passwords.

It will also make the system more secure when users are working from a personal device by applying Office 365’s Multi-Factor Authentication, where appropriate.

Office 365 and shared devices

Office 365 provides a suite of applications that can be accessed via desktop applications and via the web.

If using a shared device whilst accessing Turas via Office 365 credentials, please ensure that all browser windows and tabs are closed upon completion of any work in Turas. Failing to close all browser windows and tabs means Office 365 applications (including email, OneDrive and Sharepoint) are at risk of being accessed by subsequent users of that device.

For more information:

Access more details including FAQs and videos for the new sign in process.

September, 06 2023