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New Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Online Module

New Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Online Module

New Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Online Module

NES has worked in partnership with the SQA and SQA Academy to develop a Technology Enabled Care (TEC) online module.

The module is designed to provide learners with an introduction to using technology enabled care and digital health and care in a modern health, housing, and social care sector.

Adapted from the Professional Development Award in Technology Enabled Care at SCQF Level 7 course, the byte size learning is a brief overview or taster of the topics covered in the PDA in TEC these include:

  • Working with Technology Enabled Care
  • Using Digital to Support People in Health, Housing and Care
  • Call Handling
  • Response
  • Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Iain Morrison, Head of Humanities, Care and Services at SQA said:

 “I’m delighted that SQA Academy is hosting the online Technology Enabled Care taster course, and that it’s available now. The free course will enable everyone already in, or interested in, the health and social care sector to develop their digital skills to support positive health, care, and wellbeing outcomes for people.
I hope that the module is valuable as a standalone course, but that it also serves as a useful introduction to those looking to pursue the full Professional Development Award.”

The module does not focus on technology, it’s aim is to provide the opportunity for learners to build a foundation level of knowledge in this ever-developing area of health and care practice.

Tracey Ashworth Davies, Director of Workforce, NES is supportive of this approach, noting:

“NES and the Scottish Qualifications Authority have worked in partnership to develop an online module that offers a taster of topics covered in the PDA in TEC.
By valuing workforce development and supporting learners we are ensuring Scotland’s citizens are supported to access the digital information, tools, and services they need to influence and manage their health and wellbeing.”

The module is designed for those currently working in health or social care and wanted to learn about TEC, those looking to join the health or social care sector and thought learning about TEC would be helpful as well as individuals looking to support their career development.

The module can be accessed on the SQA Academy site via this link or on the PDA in TEC learning site where you can also find out more about the SCQF Level 7 course.


June, 24 2024