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Publications and resources


Publication AHP Education Strategy: The Next Chapter 2011-2-14

The NES Education Strategy for Allied Health Professions (AHP) 2011 – 2014 has been written following consultation with the AHP workforce, people who use AHP services and other stakeholders.

Publication Skills Maximisation Toolkit Volume 1 - Workbook

The workbook provides a step-by-step process for you (and the team that you work with) to follow. It aims to build on existing learning and practice and be a pragmatic resource for AHPs at all levels.

Publication Skills Maximisation Toolkit Volume 2 - Facilitators Guide

This handbook is designed to support you if you choose to facilitate the processes described in the AHP Skills Maximisation Toolkit.

Publication Skills Maximisation Toolkit Volume 3: Participant Booklet

This booklet is an abbreviated version of volume 1: The Skills Maximisation workbook. It includes all the interactive sections from the workbook where you and your team are expected to reflect and res...

Publication Skills Maximisation Toolkit Volume 4: More stories and resources

More Stories provides a wider range of AHP experience including dietetics, podiatry, speech and language therapy, arts therapy and orthoptics. It shows how different services have made use of all or p...

Publication Education and Development Framework for Senior AHPs

This framework will be used by Senior AHPs to continually develop their leadership of services and teams to enhance patient care. Using a self assessment tool, the framework assists Senior AHPs an...

Publication AHP PEF Programme 2011-12

AHP Practice-based Education Facilitation (PEF) Programme outlines the worksteam priorities and structures to support these.

Publication AHP Practice Based Education Facilitation Programme Spring-Summer 2010

Allied Health Professions Practice based Education Facilitation Programme: A Summary of National Strands

Publication National Guidance for Clinical Academic Research Careers for NMAHPs

This document presents national guidance to support the development of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions [NMAHP] clinical academic research careers.

Publication Stakeholder Statement in Support of Practice Placements for Allied Health Professions in NHS Scotland

Stakeholders acknowledge the central role that practice placements (aka clinical) placements, fieldwork placements, clinical training) play in preparing the future allied health professional (AHP) wor...