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Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS)

We manage the educational infrastructure for Pre-Registration Pharmacy trainees in Scotland through the Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS).

The main components of the PRPS include; a centralised recruitment process, a standardised training programme and quality assurance of the national programme.

PRPS national programme

The PRPS seeks to prepare pharmacists for registration, with the knowledge and skills defined in the GPhC Performance Standards, and the ability to deliver pharmaceutical services across the sectors in NHS Scotland.

All pre-registration pharmacists recruited into the PRPS follow a similar training programme with learning outcomes as specified in the GPhC Performance Standards and Registration Assessment syllabus.

The core PRPS programme is a framework of distance learning and supported events, dovetailing as much as possible with employer training programmes.

It features the following:

  • a template workplace training programme which ensures that the needs of the GPhC and NES are met.
  • a programme of core direct learning events and specified distance learning materials all of which must be attended/completed by all pre-registration trainee pharmacists in the PRPS.
  • a bank of additional optional resources to meet trainees individual learning needs.
  • a practice registration assessment to be undertaken by all pre-registration trainee pharmacists in the PRPS.
  • a First aid training course organised by NES to be undertaken by all pre-registration trainee pharmacists in the PRPS.
  • a period of cross sector experience which may be undertaken by all pre-registration trainee pharmacists in the PRPS.

Quality assurance of the PRPS

The obligation of employers to participate in the PRPS quality assurance processes is detailed in an Educational Agreement or Service Level Agreement between NES Pharmacy and the approved training provider. The employers are required to sign the agreement to participate in the PRPS and to receive funding.

The quality assurance process centres on the approval of the training sites and the approval and training of the tutors.

NES Pharmacy have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with the GPhC which allows NES to undertake training site approvals on behalf of the regulator for all training sites which require to be registered with the GPhC for pre-registration training. The approval criteria will ensure that the necessary facilities and support are in place to provide the trainees with the level of training required.

NES Pharmacy ensures that all tutors are suitably trained and approved and provided with on-going educational support to meet quality standards and approval and facilitate on-going development of individuals as tutors. The NES Pharmacy approval of pre-registration tutors is based on the GPhC criteria, with the additional requirement to participate in NES Pharmacy tutor training and annual tutor appraisal scheme. The tutor is required to complete core training via online core tutor training modules and participate in an appraisal process where they assess their performance against the regulator standards.

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Last updated: 01/01/2021

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