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COVID-19 supervision and assessment (Nursing and midwifery)

In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, this webpage has been set up to signpost or host some resources that supervisors and assessors may find useful to access.

Practice supervisor and practice assessor resources

The NMC recovery programme standards state that ‘all students will receive support, supervision and assessments in line with the standards for student supervision and assessment (SSSA, 2018). A PowerPoint  supporting the transition to the new roles with accompanying notes can be accessed below and the same presentation is also available in wevideo and vimeo format:

Practice placement providers, universities and NES colleagues have worked collaboratively to develop a Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor e-Learning Resource The publication of this e-resource has been delayed due to the pandemic, however access to the content is available in the PDF versions of the units below:

Please note that the documents below are currently undergoing a refresh and some links are affected. If you require access to any specific documents not available via the unit links then please email:N&

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Teaching and learning in practice

Teaching in the clinical environment may be about supporting a colleague to use new equipment, learn a new procedure or develop underpinning theory around an aspect of care they are delivering. Understanding some principles of teaching practice [PPX] and theory can help ensure your teaching is effective. 

Guidance to support practitioners [PDF] to be able to provide high quality practice learning environments and experiences for students using digital platforms is available.

Guidance on how education providers [PDF] in both higher education institutions and further education colleges, in Scotland, in partnership with practice learning providers, may mitigate the potential risk of return to supernumerary practice learning experiences by using current COVID-19 Occupational Risk Assessment Guidance with all NMAHP students is available.

National Framework

Last updated: 27/09/2020

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