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Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICP) Matter


We have introduced three new educational resources as part of our education provision on infection prevention and control.  

The resources make use of technology and storytelling to provide bite-sized education that is practical, engaging and scenario based and can easily be incorporated into in-house training.  

The resources include: 

Safe Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillages

This animation translates the algorithm from the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual into an engaging visual resource with five key steps to easily manage all blood and body fluid spillages irrespective of care setting. Available at 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The video breaks down the dos and don’ts and provides practical scenario based examples of when PPE should be worn, when it should be changed between tasks and the correct procedure for donning and removing PPE.   Available at 

Safe Management of Care Equipment

The video focuses on the principles of cleaning equipment with practical demonstrations of how to clean commodes, hoists and hoist slings and also covers decontamination schedules and classifications of care equipment.  Available at  

For further information, contact HAI:

For details of other educational resources on Standard Infection Control Precautions, please follow the Call to action link below.


graphic of 5 Steps