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Leadership Links Winter Webinars


Want to develop your leadership skills and share learning with colleagues and experts?  Our Winter Webinars may be just what you need.

Leadership Links provides bite-sized learning opportunities for leaders and managers at all levels:   

  • Live and recorded web-based learning events in a wide range of leadership areas;  
  • Face-to-face events to deepen the learning, and to support networking with colleagues and partners across Scotland.
Register at Turas Learn to access Leadership Links at the Leadership and Management Zone.  

Leadership Links Winter Webinars:  

13th February 2018 “Courageous Conversations” by Gillian McCready  

In this webinar we explore the types of courageous conversations that you may need to have at work and at home, and to provide practical techniques to enable you to handle them successfully. Having honest, assertive, compassionate, difficult or uncomfortable conversations with colleagues, team members, family, and friends takes courage. Handled effectively and with sensitivity, they can help you to build your relationships and increase your influence.    

27th February 2018 “Seeing how we think” by Kirsty Leisham  

We live and lead in complex environments within a changing world. What does this ask of leaders? In this webinar we will explore so-called vertical development and its focus on the developing our capacity to expand how we think.  You will be introduced to seven stages in adult development called action-logics. Each embraces more complex means of thinking and reasoning than the last. Taking conscious steps to transition from one action-logic enables one to invite renewed approaches to influencing and contributing to personal, team, organisational and even societal change. 

For more information and to register:

Upcoming Events   

Receive information about upcoming events, and join the discussion at People Connect “leadership_links” group.