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A Toolkit for Safe, Effective and Person-Centred Care


Care that is safe, effective and person-centred is at the heart of the NHSScotland Quality Strategy and the 2020 Vision for health and social care.

NES has developed a toolkit of resources available to health and social care teams to help promote individual, collective and organisational learning. 

Whilst the resources were initially developed for primary care services, many of the principles and concepts behind them will be applicable to a range of settings. The main purpose of the tools and techniques described is to support everyday performance and wellbeing at work, and help enhance the patient and client experience of care. 

Examples include:

  • Using ‘Always Events’ to Drive Improvement in the Patient Experience – The ‘always event’ concept aims to provide care teams with a localised method of determining what is really important to patients  every time they interact with health and care services.  A set of criteria helps care teams to develop ‘always events’ that are feasible for them to potentially deliver on within the time and resource constraints of everyday practice.
  • Developing a Safety Checklist – in some environments there may be a number of potential threats to performance, wellbeing and safety.  Routine adherence to the use of a ‘checklist’ process may help supervisors, staff and students to prioritise and address the most safety-critical issues to tackle in their specific care setting.

For more information on a range of safety and improvement educational resources, view the toolkit at:


For more information contact:

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