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Articles & Features

New Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources available on TKN

The Knowledge Network (TKN) now has access to mental health and wellbeing resources from Barbour, a leading provider of specialist information services to industry professionals.

New Perinatal and Infant Mental Health e-learning modules

We’ve just launched the first 2 modules of ‘Essential Perinatal and Infant Mental Health’ on Turas Learn, produced in support the Scottish Government Perinatal Mental Health Programme.

Coaching for Wellbeing – a digital coaching service for all health and social care staff

In partnership with Know You More, coaching for wellbeing enables you to draw on and make the most of your own strengths, experience, skills and resources. It will offer you a safe space to reflect on what is going on for you right now with support to explore and make positive changes.

Guidance to help design more effective work procedures

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the importance of well-designed work procedures cannot be overstated in helping us to respond and adapt quickly to this complex situation, but also in supporting us now when we begin to look at care service re-designs and new ways of working in future as we transit to the anticipated ‘new normal’.

NHSScotland Library and Knowledge Services support during COVID-19

NHSScotland Libraries national COVID-19 Knowledge Service provides a literature search service for all health and care staff in Scotland.

Solihull Online is now available to all families in Scotland

A universal resource for parents and carers from the antenatal period to 19 years. Offering a series of modules containing interactive activities, quizzes and video clips.

Safer Ophthalmic prescribing in pregnancy, breastfeeding and paediatrics webinar

Unable to hold our Optometry's National Prescribers' Conference due to COVID 19, we decided to release content online. Our keynote lecture this year was presented by Natalie Donald, Paediatric Pharmacist.

Psychosocial mental health and wellbeing support

We continue to add content to Turas Learn Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Psychosocial Mental Health and Wellbeing support pages. This month, a new module for line managers and team leaders and apps for all staff to access.

Dental Vocational Trainee supports pharmacy team during COVID-19

Daniel Boyle graduated as a pharmacist in 2011 from the University of Strathclyde and worked full-time for 3 years before making the decision to go to back to university and study dentistry.

Coronavirus recruitment portal attracts 18,000 applicants

Since its launch on 28 March, the NES Accelerated Recruitment Portal has received 17,883 applications from individuals keen to support the NHS during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Health Literacy tools can support with sharing information about COVID-19

NES and Health Education England have collaborated to develop a new eLearning resource. Hosted on Turas Learn, this will help staff understand the role health literacy plays in ensuring everyone has enough knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to use health information

COVID-19 Multi-Professional educational skills bundles

Our Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CSMEN) has developed a selection of multi-professional skills bundles to support health and social care practitioners working in Scotland.

Knowledge Network resources for staff during COVID-19 outbreak

Whether you are returning to service or redeploying to an unfamiliar area of work, NES Knowledge Services have resources to support you.

MAP of Health Behaviour Change Training Programme

Tools from the MAP of Health Behaviour Change Training Programme are now used in the Clinical Supervision CPD and Masterclass events for Midwives and Nurses.

Bringing the client's voice to the classroom

The benefits of a therapeutic relationship between the Family Nurse and client was brought to life at a recent “Breastfeeding Support in Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) Practice” education session.

Remote Consultation Skills

The General Practice Nursing (GPN) and CPD Connect teams have produced three webinars to support GPNs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Self-Coaching for Self-Care'

Leadership Links is delighted to welcome Jeremy Hinks, Director of Alpamayo Coaching Ltd who will host a ‘Self-Coaching for Self-Care’ webinar on Thursday 21st May at 12.30pm.

It's OK not to feel OK sometimes

This is an unprecedented scenario, and it is okay to feel stressed or anxious at this time. This is entirely normal, and it is highly likely that many of your co-workers, family and friends will be feeling the same way. But if it is not passing or your usual coping strategies aren’t helping, think about where you are able to get more support (see additional guidance).

Hospital Antibiotic Review Programme (HARP)

The Hospital Antibiotic Review Programme (HARP) is available on Turas Learn and contains practical tools and ideas for quality improvement underpinned by educational resources.

NHS24 information and resources for professionals on COVID-19

NHS24 and NHS Inform have produced a range of materials to support health and social care staff with communication around coronavirus (COVID-19).

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