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Public Health

Career and Development Framework for Health Protection Nursing

Health Protection describes the Public Health speciality that focuses on protecting the public from being exposed to hazards which damage their health, and to limit any impact on health when such exposures cannot be avoided.

Health Protection Teams across Scotland are therefore responsible for the surveillance, investigation and control of communicable disease and non-infectious environmental hazards. Nurses working in this field have a crucial role to play in the effective delivery of the health protection function. This requires that they have access to high quality education, training and professional development opportunities.

Modernisation and integration of services provide opportunities for nurses to lead on the design of services and care delivery. Modernising Nursing Careers  is being taken forward in Scotland under the auspices of Delivering Care, Enabling Health , and has provided an opportunity to strengthen nursing careers using the Career Framework for Health  as an enabling tool. A number of Scottish initiatives such as the Advanced Practice Toolkit  have used the NHS Career Framework for Health to establish and sustain consistent role benchmarks for professional practice.

The development of this Career and Development Framework will assist organisations, senior nurses and service leads in identifying the practice and competence required to provide a high quality of care in line with the Quality Strategy and allow for the benchmarking of existing roles. The Framework will also inform nurses in their career progressions and in determining their continuing professional development needs. Workforce planners and developers can use this tool in decisions around capacity building within the Health Protection workforce. It may also be used as a resource by individual Health Protection nurses to focus their educational and career development needs.

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