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Background and updates on the ePortfolio version 3 project as part of the Digital Transformation in NES

Digital NES

What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is used extensively throughout UK Medicine, as well as Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing & Midwifery in Scotland. With over 320,000 users in medical schools, NHS bodies and Royal Colleges, NES supports a large populaton of healthcare professionals with this powerful system. international healthcare users in Malta and the Republic of Ireland also rely on ePortfolio.

Why are we changing things?

As part of the Digital Transformation in NES, we are looking at all of the systems we provide for our core, NHSScotland users, as well as for health care professionals across the UK and beyond.

NES started 2015 with multiple systems across professional groups, and therefore multiple records of users. Systems used different platforms, terminology and storage, resulting in duplication of skills, data and effort.

View our animations which explains more about our digital transformation and the new platform.

By the end of 2015, NES has a new, online, mobile enabled training managment system Turas, with trainees now using it to manage study leave, but a new single environment for our data and advanced plans for ePortfolio to join the single environment.

Where are we going?

By March 2016, the Scottish Foundation School ePortfolio version 3 will be complete, ready for the revised curriculum in August 2016, and the Virtual Learning Environment will be set up. This means trainees can book study leave, upload the certificate of attendance and their completion of online learning in one visit, with one log on.

Other users will benefit from the state of the art build of ePortfolio version 3 with it simplified pathways and user focused design.

ePortfolio v3 Project

for more information, view the communications updates below, and see our FAQ section where we have added a lot more information.

Contact us with a question, and we'll update the list.

 Communication 1: September 2015

 E Portfolio Update 1


Communication 2: November 2015

E Portfolio Update 2