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Leadership and Management

Organisational and Leadership Development (O&LD)

Organisational and Leadership Development (O&LD) delivers multi-professional leadership and management interventions for staff in NHS Scotland.

Please note that the National Leadership Unit (NLU) has now been absorbed into a new, wider NES team called Organisational and Leadership Development (O&LD).  O&LD supports the development of leadership and management in NHS Scotland by:

Designing, developing and delivering a range of national leadership and management programmes 

  • Working with partners to support policy implementation 
  • Enabling and supporting collaborative cross sector working 
  • Providing national networks and resources to support partners 
  • Supporting the sharing of best practice between individuals, organisations, across public services and beyond 
  • Offering consultancy support to individual leaders, teams, organisations and across systems

To find out more about what's on offer click on one of the categories below:

  1. Emerging leaders or managers
  2. Developing leaders or managers
  3. Senior/Executive Leaders
  4. Chief Executive/Non Executive/Board Level