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Spiritual Care

MSc Palliative Care Napier

Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh

MSc Complementary Medicine

This modular masters programme, aims to bridge the divide between conventional and complementary medicine (CM). Concentrating on research methodology and its application to CM, and grounded in the evidence base, it is designed to carry forward the debate on the integration of medicine. Alongside this, students (who will primarily be people with experience of, or currently employed in clinical settings) will be given a recognised training in complementary therapy: aromatherapy, homeopathy or reflexology. The MSc also covers the therapeutic relationship, the role of psychoneuroimmunology, ideas of holism and the mind-body axis, and determinants of health in the broader sense.

Enrolment is starting now for the next semester, when the first two modules will be available. Individual modules can be studied as part of continuing professional development. The cost per module (for part-time students) is £300. Teaching will mainly be on alternate Saturdays, to allow for work commitments and travel to Edinburgh.


Department of Dietetics, Nutrition and Biological Sciences
Queen Margaret University College
Clerwood Terrace
EH12 8TS
0131 317 3522