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Spiritual Care

Specialist Spiritual Care PROM


The Healthcare Quality Strategy for Scotland (The Scottish Government 2010) states that all NHS employees are required to provide economically sound, evidence-based care.

The development of a Specialist Spiritual Care PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measure) is designed to generate evidence for the efficacy of specialist spiritual care across NHS Boards in Scotland. Having identified spiritual care themes from the literature such as - comfort, hope, control, being listened to, involvement in decisions, being understood, being valued - these themes have been incorporated into a questionnaire, the first version of which was piloted in NHS Lothian in 2012. Initial findings suggest a correlation of outcome between chaplains and those they have supported - itself evidence of person-centred care.

The scope of the study now requires to be extended across a wider population sample, it is hoped in early 2014. The intention is to confirm that specialist spiritual care (what healthcare chaplains do) contributes to the wellbeing of patients and their carers, and that the outcomes of such encounters positively impact upon people's health. Such evidence is important when seeking to develop specialist spiritual care in NHS Scotland, as well as aiding reflective practice and staff development.


For further information, please access the report 'Healthcare Chaplaincy: the Lothian Chaplaincy Patient Reported Outcome Measure'.