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Trainee Survey

NES Education for Scotland (NES) Psychology - Enhancing quality assurance through a NES Psychology confidential questionnaire for trainee applied psychologists' experiences of clinical placement environment and clinical placement supervision.

NES Psychology is developing a confidential trainee questionnaire of all postgraduate trainees registered on the four programmes that is commissions:

  • Doctorates in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow
  • ¬†Applied Masters programmes at the University of Stirling/University of Dundee and University of Edinburgh

Aims of Questionnaire

This questionnaire aims to:

  • gather feedback on teh placement learning environment as well as the educational experience on placement, including clinical placement supervision
  • complement existing quality assurance and feedback mechanisms used in each of the Programmes
  • collect information about placements that have been completed, in contrast to the programme-specific processes which are contemporaneous with the placement and, often focused on remediation of difficulties during the time that the placement progresses

Trainee will be asked to complete the questionnaire at the end of each of their placements. This would be every 6 months for Doctorate trainees and at the end of training for Masters trainees who complete one 12-month placement.

How does this Survey fit with existing Quality assurance mechanisms?