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NES Psychology Directorate and Equality and Diversity

Like the other areas of NES, the Psychology Directorate is committed to and working towards the promotion of equality and diversity throughout the directorate. This work recognises the importance of Scottish Government policy, including Better Health, Better Care as well as the comprehensive legislation and regulation for the promotion of equality, diversity and Patient Focus, Public Involvement (PFPI).

The background to this is found at the main Equality and Diversity page within the NES website.

The Psychology Directorate is currently producing Impact Assessments for all aspects of its core work by using the Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment Toolkit.  By undertaking this process, we can ensure our work stands and projects allow equal access and opportunity.  The Impact Assessment will identify where they are or may be impacts that prevent this promotion of diversity, and allows us to put actions in place to address this.

Impact assessments for Health Psychology, Recruitment and Selection of Trainees and Clinical Supervision in Psychology "An Induction Module for New Supervisors" are now under review and will become available again in 2013.

The Psychology Directorate is continuing to develop its work in relation to PFPI/Equality and Diversity, with much of the initial 'benchmarking' information being collected for the first time (including diversity breakdowns at recruitment/selection and employment stages for Trainees).  This helps to inform our Impact Assessments as well as providing an overview of the current trainee workforce.

The current NES Single Equality Scheme (Race, Disability, Gender) can be found at the main Equality and Diversity page (internal link) .

For more information about Equality and Diversity within the Psychology Directorate please contact Rosemary Porter at