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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Processes

The obligation of employers to participate in the PRPS quality assurance processes is detailed in the Educational Agreement between NES Pharmacy and the approved training provider. The employers are required to sign the educational agreement to receive the funding.

The quality assurance process centres on the approval of the training bases and the approval of the tutors.

All training sites require to be registered with the Regulator for pre-registration training, and the approval criteria to be applied for the PRPS are based on the Regulator criteria for approval of premises. NES Pharmacy has created and maintains an Approved List of training sites that can take part in the PRPS, and only those pharmacies on this approved list can host a PRPS trainee. The approval criteria will ensure that the necessary facilities and support are in place to provide the trainees with the level of training required.

As well as the quality of training placements, NES ensures that all tutors and trainers are suitably trained and approved. Tutors and trainers are provided with on-going educational support to meet quality standards and approval.

The NES Pharmacy approval of pre-registration tutors is based on the current Regulator criteria, with the additional requirement of having to participate in the NES Pharmacy tutor development programme. The tutor is required to complete core training, and participate in an appraisal process that will include maintenance of a portfolio, peer review, and feedback from trainees.

The PRPS tutor appraisal process is an essential component of the scheme and will facilitate the development of tutors involved in the scheme and, thereby, raise the standards and consistency of the training.