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Turas Learn for Pharmacy


Access Turas Learn:

NES Education for Scotland has been undergoing a process of digital transformation for the last two years, including the development of a digital platform, Turas, which will become a central place to access learning. Turas will allow NES to understand the needs of specific user groups and to allow us to tailor and direct learning opportunities to meet their needs; be that to support them in educational programmes like Pre-Registration Pharmacists Scheme (PRPS) and Vocational Training (VT), or to support learners in post-graduate career development and to meet and record their continuing professional development requirements.

Turas Learn

Turas Learn FAQs

To help pharmacy professionals in Scotland to access Turas Learn, we have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document. 

Learn FAQs


Pharmacy update 

Where are we to date?

In June 2017, we successfully migrated Portal account information to Turas. This means that we have linked existing and new Turas accounts to corresponding Portal accounts, allowing us to pull through Portal learning records to Turas in the near future. This means that all pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff who had an active portal account at the start of June will have access to the Pharmacy section of Learn.

What is in the pharmacy section of Learn?

We have transferred all our educational resources to Learn and we will continue to transfer the associated MCQ assessments over the next few weeks. We will gradually remove e-learning resources and MCQs on Portal as a result. You will still be able to access all your historic information on Portal and if you complete an assessment on Portal, this will still be recorded as usual. In future, you will be able to see this on your Turas Learn Learning record too. 

We aim to introduce course booking and course evaluation on Turas Learn in 2018 – at the moment all courses will continue to be advertised and booked via Portal. Again, your records will still be accessible on Portal and in future you will be able to see these on Turas Learn too.

What account information is on Turas Learn?

We have transcribed account information from Portal including your name, address, GPhC number and email address. Some demographic information (e.g. sector and area of practice) will not be visible to Turas users at present but we will allow users to see and edit this information in the future.

What other applications are available in Turas?

We also have two applications to help NES manage training programmes like the Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS). The Training Programme Management (TPM) application allows NES to manage these training programmes and the Portfolio application allows trainees to record evidence and link this the relevant curriculum (e.g. the GPhC performance standards for pre-registration trainees).

If you have any questions or feedback about the Turas platform, please get in touch because we are continually developing the applications and we value user feedback. Please contact or