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New resource: Hypertension

We are delighted to launch our new resource on Hypertension. This resource was developed by NES Pharmacy, with support from specialist pharmacists in cardiovascular disease, to help pharmacists deliver effective pharmaceutical care for patients with hypertension and to develop hypertension services. This resource should be used in conjunction with your local Health Board’s guidance and policies. In addition, the resources section contains further information on how this learning links in with the GP Clinical Pharmacist Competency Framework, for those who are undertaking the GPCP learning pathway. Completion of this resource, will provide you with a broad overview of hypertension. It is worth noting that the safe practice of managing hypertension is a skill acquired over a long period of time. This training module is only intended to provide the first step on that path.

Click on the image to start learning (please note you will need to be logged in to Turas Learn)