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NES Pharmacy Foundation Training update

NES Pharmacy Foundation Training Update

Following registration for Foundation Training in September 2018, another 48 new foundation pharmacists have started their training. We have organised and delivered induction sessions around the country and peer sessions are now underway to support the Foundation Pharmacists and their tutors. For further support, over the next few months, we are organising some lunchtime webinars starting at 12.30pm. These webinars will cover a range of topics and will be advertised via Portal soon. We will communicate key learning points from these sessions via the VT Update communication that is distributed throughout the year.

Turas Learn and the new Turas Portfolio (which was specifically developed for Vocational Training), were also launched at the start of September 2018. To help with this change we will be distributing via the VT Foundation Training Update, some recordings that will help tutors understand the new Portfolio.

South East London and Wales
The NES VT Foundation Training programme has now been purchased by our colleagues in South East London and Wales. Members of the NES Foundation Training programme team are hosting induction sessions for the Foundation Pharmacists and tutors in Wales, and we continue to support the Foundation team in the South East of London.

Evaluation of the programme is underway with focus groups being run for tutors and Foundation Pharmacists who are halfway through their training. If you are involved in Foundation Training, please support the evaluation!

Wales VT

Foundation Pharmacists undertaking induction training in Wales

We are looking for pharmacists to take part in our Pharmacist Foundation Training programme the next cohort in Scotland, starting on 1st February 2019. If you are interested please register via the link on the NES website by 18th January 2019.

For further information please email Fiona McMillan