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Meet our Tutors - Rona Honnet

Meet our Tutors - Rona Honnet

Rona Honnet

Meet our Tutors

Continuing our series of introductions of our local tutors, so that you know who to approach if you want to know what’s happening in your area and to share your thoughts about useful CPD events for the future. This month we are introducing you to Rona Honnet who is the Senior Specialist Tutor for Lanarkshire. Here is a brief biography about Rona:

I have been the Postgraduate Pharmacy Tutor for Lanarkshire since 2012 and I was the tutor for Glasgow South for seven years before that. My role is to organise face to face training events that will provide good opportunities for pharmacy staff to come together to learn and share practice together.

My role within NES also includes assisting with the development of e-learning materials for pharmacists. This is a new role for me and I enjoy the opportunity to broaden my horizons while providing support for those who are developing their own practice.

I also work as a Principal Clinical Pharmacist as University Hospital Wishaw where I am responsible for providing and developing clinical pharmacy services within the hospital. Within the department we have pharmacists at all stages of their careers and I help to organise, deliver and support training across that spectrum.