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Have you considered PBSGL to support your Revalidation?

What is PBSGL?

PBSGL (Practice Based Small Group Learning) is a method of CPD where you learn through facilitated peer discussion, using specially designed educational modules. It enables pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to join or create a group of peers, who meet regularly to discuss real problems from their practice and to address their learning needs. It is an ideal way to meet your revalidation requirements, through CPD, peer discussion and reflection on your practice. 

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What do we know about PBSGL?

Our research shows that pharmacy members of PBSGL meet in their group about 4 times a year. They do so to learn from peers, address specific learning needs and to improve professional socialisation. They also appreciate the quality of the educational modules.

One community pharmacist, who was involved in our original evaluation, highlights the value of being a member in PBSGL as a way of reducing isolation:

You sit there and think: ‘I am the only one who has this problem’. And it is not until you get into an environment like this [PBSGL group] the honesty is there that you are able to say: ‘Well I had this’. And sometimes someone says: ‘So did I!’


I like seeing other people’s solutions to my problems … If I have an issue and [another pharmacist] has dealt with it at another time, well I’ll use [their] solution, I am not proud.”

PBSGL is much more than the module, it is all about a group of peers who learn together, over a prolonged period of time. It is ideal for collaborating your practice with your peers in a safe environment.  

What are others saying about PBSGL?

NES Pharmacy sponsors PBSGL membership for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Scotland. Why not read what other pharmacists and pharmacy technicians had to say about their experiences here.

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Interested in joining a group?

You can either train as a facilitator and establish your own group with a number of your friends or colleagues, or you can join an existing group. You can use the interactive map on the PBSGL website to find out which groups meet near you, or you can contact who will help you find a group in your area.