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PBSGL for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

What is Practice-Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL)?

PBSGL is a method of maintaining your CPD and closing the gap between current practice and "best practice" through small group learning. The initiative started in Canada, for family physicians (GPs), in 1986. It has gradually spread to Scotland and now involves groups of GPs, practice nurses and, since 2011, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. 

To learn more visit the NES CPD Connect PBSGL page and you can hear the views of current members here or by clicking on the images below.

 Robyn 's Experience  Kirsten Mc Culloch PBSGL Case Study Final  Jane Rodgers PBSGL Case Study Final

PBSGL Sponsorship

New members

Anyone wishing to take part in Practice-Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) (either by joining an existing small group or by forming their own group) from April 2017, will be asked to submit an application form for sponsorship from NES Pharmacy.

Online sponsorship form

These PBSGL groups will meet independently of NES and will organise sessions wherever and whenever the group decide. After receiving sponsorship from NES Pharmacy, PBSGL members will be able to access learning modules from the PBSGL website (using a password) to discuss at these events. PBSGL groups can be either pharmacy-only or multi-professional.

GPs and Practice nurses also participate in PBSGL but they currently pay an annual membership fee. NES Pharmacy is delighted to offer sponsorship for 250 pharmacists/pharmacy technicians to become members this year.

If receiving NES sponsorship we would request that you attend at least three PBSGL meetings during the 12-month funding period.  In addition, we would also like to highlight that NES does not support the use of pharmaceutical industry `sponsorship` of any kind at pharmacy PBSGL meetings. 

Please note each PBSGL group must have a trained PBSGL facilitator and a one-day training course is available from NES, free of charge. There may also be a trained facilitator already in your area.

Continuing members

If you received sponsorship for 2016 – 2017, we will continue this for 2017 – 2018.  We will email you approximately four weeks before your renewal date to ask if you would like to continue to receive sponsorship.


Please note - if you no longer wish to participate in PBSGL then please contact Val Findlay (


For further information, please contact Fiona Stewart (, Val Findlay ( or Leon Zlotos ( )