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GOS Competency Training

NES provide training to support General Ophthalmic services in Scotland.

If you have not provided Eyecare services in Scotland for more than two years you will be required to (re)take the GOS Competency Training Assessment.

The assessment will be carried out on a live patient under examination by one of our Postgraduate Tutors and involves a practical assessment in Volk, Contact tonometry and slit lamp. You also need to watch the visual fields lecture provided in the competency pack that you can download from Portal:

NES Optometry will provide the assessment and certificate upon completion and training if required.
We currently run the assessments in two locations. If you'd like to take the assessment in the LOTT (Lauriston Optometric Teach and Treat Clinic) in Edinburgh please email your availability to Pam McClean or if you'd prefer to take the assessment in WOSCOTT (West of Scotland Teach and Treat Clinic) in Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow please liaise with Madeline.Harvey-Brown If you'd like to take the assessment in either Aberdeen or Inverness please email your availability to Colin Pettinger Please be aware our tutors work part time but will try to accommodate specific date requests where practical.

Please be aware that there is no charge for the competency assessment

For more information email:

Applying for a Competecency Certificate

For newly qualified optometrists who have recently completed the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) and require their Competency Certificate please apply here.

For us to process your application you must have passed your OSCE examinations and provide us a copy of your pass letter, which can be emailed to us as a scanned copy at

Please ensure it is the front of your pass letter and not the module breakdown on the reverse.

We also require you to contact the College of Optometrists giving your permission to share your pass result with us. Please use the following wording:

  • Can I please confirm that I allow you to communicate with NHS Education for Scotland, to confirm the results of my recent OSCE examinations.

Please do this by e-mailing informing them you are happy for this to take place.

We hope this information helps but if you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.