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Nursing and Midwifery

Quality Management of the Practice Learning Environment (QMPLE)

The Quality Management of the Practice Learning Environment (QMPLE) web resource, developed by NHS Education for Scotland, is currently being implemented in universities and practice learning environments across Scotland.

What is QMPLE?

The web based resource will provide access to and reporting of data relating to the quality of the practice learning environments for pre-registration nursing and midwifery students in Scotland across health and social care.  This includes nationally consistent approaches to:


What does the system do?

It will provide real time information and reports relating to learning experiences, mentorship and student feedback.  The system will be accessible to universities, practice and students.

  • It will allow students to complete their feedback which will be visible to practice staff a short time later.  The system will provide built in collated report on student feedback for each area and these can also be collated to provide reports at hospital and board level
  • Practice will update their placement learning opportunities and student information and this will be available to students
  • NMC educational audits and QSPP audits will also be completed on line and readily available to both practice and the university
  • Information on mentors will be available to senior charge nurses/midwives and team leaders
  • Up to date information will be readily available to students who will use the system to access placement information, mentor details and download any placement induction packs.

Why is student feedback important?

Student feedback is important, to not only mentors, but also to senior charge nurses/midwives and university staff, team leaders, senior nurses as it provides evidence that can be used by both the university and practice to:

  • ensure that students' learning needs are being met in a safe environment
  • inform planning of future practice learning experiences
  • identify areas for improvements and promote areas of excellence which can be shared with others
  • provide evidence of quality learning and mentorship within the Excellence in Care initiative (Scottish Government, 2015)
  • provide valuable feedback to mentors and practice teachers on the work they do with students which can be used as evidence for reflection as part of Nursing and Midwifery Council Revalidation (NMC, 2015).

How can I prepare for QMPLE in my area?

When the system begins to roll out across Scotland each student, senior charge nurse/midwife and university user will receive a log in email to set up their access.  Deputy charge nurses and link mentors can also be added.  Please contact your practice education team if you need additional users.

When you log in there will be a dashboard giving you any updates, then you go to your allocated learning environment pages to access student placements, mentor data and complete any information required for your placement profile or audit documentation.  On the reports page you will find collated reports based on student feedback that you can share with your team.  The system is simple to use and the practice/care home education facilitators will support you.

The QMPLE website can accessed here.

A range of User Guides are in the process of being created to assist users during the roll out of the QMPLE system. Please find the completed and available User Guides linked below:

Further information on QMPLE is available by emailing