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NHS Orkney

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Practice Educator: Graeme Bartlett

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Examples of work

Mental Health Improvement and Suicide Prevention Framework  


    This frame work has been developed to tackle the increasing concerns relating to public mental health.  It promotes good health and wellbeing across for the whole population, and the prevention ofmental ill health, self-harm or suicide. It is also about improvingthe quality and length of life for people who experience mental illhealth and addressing the inequalities people can face. 

    While primarily targeted at health, social care, voluntary and public services the frame work can be applied much more broadly. Within any organisation it has relevance to all members of the workforce.  


    The main goalof the framework is to have a positive impact on individuals mental healthand well being, contributes to other’s mental health and wellbeing.  Additionally it attempts to up skill clinical staff to support people experiencing mental disorders, mental ill health and preventing self harm and suicide.  The framework uses a levelled approach to knowledge sharing.  This includes informed level, skilled level, enhanced level and special level.  


    Within NHS Orkney I have been tasked to integrate this framework into the workforce development programs.  Presently I am looking at how the different levels and how they are appropriate to each sector of the workforce, including clinical and non clinical roles. 


    Clinical Supervision 

    Recently the NHS Orkney clinical supervision policy has undergone a review and has been rewritten  This process has been led by Lynne Spence, interim Lead AHP.  She has met with stake holders across the organisation and led a working group to review all aspects of this policy.    As part of this working group it has been identified the need for formal training for the supervisors. I have been tasked to take on this responsibility.   

    Once the policy has completed and gone through its final stage of being ratified I will then roll out a series of training events to skill individuals in the art of supervision. 


    Strategic Training Plan 

    Over the last 18 months Sylvia Campbell and Lynne Spence have been task to review all “Training Needs Analyse” with each of the nursing and AHP clinical areas.  By conducting discussions with each lead in the areas it has allowed to identify the training and educational needs of the service which has led to development a service delivery plan for each service.  By bring all of these plans together they have been able to create a single Strategic Training Plan for the whole clinical organisation.  This includes a costed three year plan for the organisation highlighting sources of funding 

    This creates a focused three year training plan, meeting the requirements for national guidelines and standard of practice. It also demonstrates where the training and development budget needs to be allocated for optimal results.  

    The Strategic Training Plan is in the final stages of being collated.  The following stages will be that the plan will be presented to Senior Management Team seeking their final approval.  Once approved, I have been tasked to make this plan operational.   The final draft of the plan for nursing is due to be completed on 31st October 2019. 

    Aspects of the training will be delivered in house and will need to be developed, including modules on leadership.  I will be working closely with the interim Practice Education Lead for AHP and Resus Officer to deliver on aspects of the plan as there is expected to be needs identified that will cross over different disciplines.  


 Practice Educator Annual Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of key acheivements from Practice Educator National Network for stakeholders and external partners to inform and further embed the Practice Educator role within NHS Scotland and NHS Boards.

Report 2018-19 pdf

Report 2018-19 word accessible 

Report 2017-18 pdf

Report 2017-18 word accessible

Report 2016