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NHS Lanarkshire

Contact Details

Janine StewartPractice Educator: Janine Stewart

Location: NHS Lanarkshire

NES email:

NHS email:

Office Tel: 01698 2014211 

Mobile Tel: 07769367665


Work Examples

As Practice Educator for Nursing and Midwifery within NHS Lanarkshire, I work in partnership with the wider Practice Education and Practice Development team locally to support practitioner learning and development in practice

Examples of work include:

  • Supporting a high-quality learning envionment- Delivery of "Facilitation of Learning - Train the Trainers Toolkit" to enchance practitioner knowledge, skills and capaity in facilitating learning in the workplace.
  • Collaborative working on a project with a local Practice Development Practitioner and the local Assistant Knowledge Services Manager which utilised the Effective Practitioner resource to support reflective practice with newly qualified practitioners  
  • Infrastructure to improve attraction, recruitment, training and retention 
  • Participated in a short life working group to support Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional succession planning  
  • Supporting the scoping and development of preceptorship and learning resources for health visitors
  • Education and training for a skilled, adaptable and compassionate workforce
  • Sign posting to and supporting the use of digital resources to aid professional practice and career development eg TURAS, The Knowledge Network
  • Collaborative working to support the devising and delivery of the local Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professional Leadership programme.
  • Sign posting to and facilitating usage of NES resources within the practice to support Continuous Professional Development, Revalidation and Person Centred Care.

Practice Educator Annual Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of key acheivements from Practice Educator National Network for stakeholders and external partners to inform and further embed the Practice Educator role within NHS Scotland and NHS Boards.

Report 2018-19 pdf

Report 2018-19 word accessible 

Report 2017-18 pdf

Report 2017-18 word accessible

Report 2016