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NHS Forth Valley

Contact Details

Suzanne LakePractice Educator: Suzanne Lake

NES Email:

NHS Email:

Tel: 01786 434167

Mob: 07917267230

Examples of work

Key areas of work are centred on the three priorities highlighted within the Nursing 2030 Vision:

  • Personalising Care: Transitioning approach to care from service led to personal outcome focused, supporting practitioners develop communication skills that promote and enable shared decision making and self management.
  • Preparing nurses for future needs and roles: Facilitating access to educational resources through TURAS, supporting continuous professional development, quality improvement and leadership across all levels.
  • Supporting Nurses: Embedding clincal supervision to promote resilience and protect practioners mental and physical health, ensuring practitioners feel supported and enabled to provide compassionate, safe and effective care.


Practice Educator Annual Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of key acheivements from Practice Educator National Network for stakeholders and external partners to inform and further embed the Practice Educator role within NHS Scotland and NHS Boards.

Report 2018-19 pdf

Report 2018 -19 word accessible 

Report 2017-18 pdf

Report 2017-18 word accessible

Report 2016