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Nursing and Midwifery

Practice Education

Supporting Learning in Practice

The NES Nursing and Midwifery Practice Education team supports learning and education for nurses and midwives in practice across Scotland. We develop resources and networks that help those in practice education support roles to provide quality learning experiences for pre-registration nurses and midwives and other learners across the career framework in practice settings.

We're here to support you whether you're a mentor, Practice Education Facilitator (PEF), a Care Home Education Facilitator (CHEF) or have education as part of your role or are thinking about a career in practice education.

Our work contributes to the NES Strategic Framework 2014-19 through "supporting an excellent learning environment where there is better access to education for all healthcare staff" and by ensuring there are "consistently well-developed educational support roles and networks to enable eduation across the workplace.

If you wish to contact the Practice Education team please email us at N&