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Performance Management Survey

Survey Information

The pre-registration education quality assurance survey is a key part of the performance management process.

The survey gathers views of 3rd year student nurses and midwives, their mentors and the charge nurses regarding the educational environment in practice and the preparedness of students on completion of their programme, for their role as registered practitioners.

The survey takes place currently on an annual basis and is 'live' for three months from the beginning of February each year. The data is then collated and reports compiled for use in the annual reviews with the Higher Education Institutions in July.

The survey was revised in 2012 and the information was gathered using a self-completion electronic questionnaire. In addition, an in-depth analysis took place for the qualitative comments to further assist with a deeper understanding of the issues that were important to the respondents.

Fact Sheet

Click here to read our survey fact sheet which provides you with more information about the survey process.

Survey Results

Feedback on the survey is given to respondents in a variety of ways including by placing the collated results for the whole of Scotland on this website - see results below.

Performance Management of Pre-Registration Nursing and Midwifery Programmes - Scotland wide survey results for each year can be accessed below:

  • 2019 results can be accessed here 
  • 2018 results can be accessed here 
  • 2017 results can be accessed here
  • 2016 results can be accessed here 
  • 2015 results can be accessed here
  • 2014 results can be accessed here
  • 2013 results can be accessed here
  • 2012 results can be accessed here
  • 2011 results can be accessed here.
  • 2011 presentation can be accessed here.