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Community Nurses

The resources below have a broad focus and will assist nurses working in the community to continue to develop and learn throughout their professional career.

Career Development Frameworks for Nurses working in the Community

As part of Modernising Nursing in the Community, NES has developed in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, as series of Career and Development Frameworks for nurses working in the community.

Pre-Registration Support

We are leading initiatives to support best practice in nursing and midwifery recruitment, selection and retention and curriculum enhancement associated with the implementation of the NMC's new standards for pre-registration Nursing education.

Flying Start NHS®

This programme supports nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in their first year of employment as newly qualified practitioners, therefore would be appropriate for a nurse whose first post is within primary care. Access the Flying Start NHS website here.

Effective Practitioner Initiative

Recognises and values the critical role that practitioners and senior practitioners play in the day to day care delivery in NHS Scotland. The initiative provides work based learning resources and support for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. Access the Effective Practitioner Web Resource here.

Advanced Nursing Practice Toolkit

Developed by NES/Scottish Government as part of the UK Modernising Nursing Careers initiative. Access to Advanced Nursing Practice Toolkit here.

Modernising Nursing in the Community

NES has developed a Modernising Nursing in the Community (MNiC) website which supports NHS Boards and Community nurses with the modernisation agenda by capturing key areas of development/tools/good practice. For more information click here.