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Nursing and Midwifery

What sort of people become nurses and midwives

It's not really about what sort of person you are; it's more about the qualities you have and how you can use them with people.

Nursing and midwifery require you to have a diverse range of skills and knowledge by the time you are qualified, but no one expects you to have everything when you start. As a student, you are helped to develop the common core knowledge, skills and attitudes that every nurse and midwife needs, such as:

·     communication skills

·     problem solving skills

·     being able to work as part of a team

·     understanding how the body and mind work normally, and what can go wrong

·     understanding how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

as well as learning the specifics about your branch of nursing or, for midwives, about pregnancy and childbirth.


The NHS is a constantly changing organisation. Qualities of flexibility, resilience and being able to cope in a rapidly changing environment will stand you in good stead as your career progresses.


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