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Post Registration

Information to enable progression through the nursing and midwifery profession

Support for Careers


There are a number of useful resources available to support careers progression.


You may want to develop a Personal and Professional Profile to record your career development and achievements. You can also develop this profile along with evidence of learning on the  Nursing and Midwifery Professional Portfolio


Flying Start Careers Section


Effective Practitioner Careers Development Resources


There are many learning and development opportunities currently available to support nurses, midwives across the career framework. Some examples of opportunities linked to the career framework are detailed in the article - Supporting the NMAHP workforce across the career framework.



Healthcare Support Worker - The Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) project has developed and implemented a national approach to supporting and developing assistants to HCSW roles in nursing, midwifery and allied health professions at levels 2 to 4 of the career framework for health. Find out more at HCSW Toolkit


Flying Start - Flying Start NHS® is the national development programme for all newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in NHS Scotland to consolidate clinical practice, facilitate learning, develop team work and develop research for practice. Find out more at Flying start



Effective Practitioner - The largest group of nursing and midwifery practitioners are at Levels 5 & 6 of the careers framework for health. Effective Practitioner provides learning resources to develop clinical practice, evidence based practice, learning, teaching and supervision, leadership and management.   Find out more at Effective Practitioner


Mentorship/Practice Teacher preparation - To meet the requirements of NMC standards. To support learning and assessment in practice.


Senior Charge Nurse Educational Development Framework - Provides guidance for the education and development of Senior Charge Nurses. Find out more in the Framework document.


Advanced Nursing Practice Toolkit - This is a repository for resources to support the development and sustainability of advanced practice roles. Find out more at

Advanced Practice Toolkit


Clinical Academic Research Careers - A Clinical Academic Research Career (CARC) enables NMAHP practitioners working in a range of clinical and academic environments to establish a single integrated career route that combines clinical practice and research rather than having to choose a career in one or the other.

Find out more in the National Guidance.


Clinical Education Career Pathways - A framework for Clinical Education Careers for Nurses in Scotland has been developed to enhance clinical education career opportunities and positively contribute to staff development, retention and the practice education experience of all staff. Find out more from the Clinical Education Career Framework flyer and the Framework.


The Higher Education Institutions will be able to provide detailed information about post registration courses which they offer, including eligibility, content and overall aim of the course. Other institutions may offer courses and distance learning courses relevant to nurses or midwives.   Find out more at Education Providers