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Nursing and Midwifery

Early Clinical Career Fellowships

Leadership Development for Nurses and Midwives in their Early Career.

Early Clinical Career Fellowships (2007 - 2018)

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) led the Early Clinical Career Fellowships for Nurses and Midwives in NHS Scotland in collaboration with NHS Boards and Higher Education Institutions in Scotland.

The Early Clinical Career Fellowships (ECCF) were funded by Scottish Government Health Directorates. They supported enthusiastic, motivated and talented nurses and midwives at an early stage in their career to develop personally, professionally and academically. 

ECCF Cohorts included a pilot (2007 - 2009), ECCF 2011, ECCF 2012, ECCF 2014, and finally ECCF 2015 which commenced in 2015 and will complete at the end of August 2018. .

Clinical Career Fellowships 2019 

In 2018, the focus of recruitment to Clinical Career Fellowships is for existing General Practice Nurses (GPNs) with 2-10 years' experience. The model differs from the current Early Clinical Career Fellowships. Please see our GPN Education and Development webpage for further information and advert if you are interested in this opportunity.


ECCF Evaluation Report (2015)
Case Study Evaluation of the Pilot (July 2013)

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