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Andrea Caldwell

Associate Postgraduate Dean (Flexible Training)   Responsible for the coordination of training and development of SAS doctors in Scotland.

Adam Hill

Associate Postgraduate Dean for Quality Management in the South East Scotland Deanery. He is responsible with the Dean, the other Associate Postgraduate Deans and the Quality manager for the managemen...

Alastair McLellan

Postgraduate Dean

Ambi Wildman

Ambi has over 20 years experience of working within health and social services and education.  She has worked within the public and voluntary sectors, particularly with service users and carers who ar...

Andrew Brown

Andrew is responsible for supporting the following programmes: Radiology, Medical Oncology (National), Clinical Oncology (National), Public Health Medicine (National), Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gyna...

Andrew Davie


Andrew Todd

Associate Postgraduate Dean (Foundation)

Anne Dickson

Prior to taking up this post, Anne was the Directorate Manager for Women & Children's Health in NHS Fife for 9 years, working with clinicians and managers at local and regional level. Anne was b...

Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson

Blandina D'Souza