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Participation Standard

NHS Boards need to ensure that people have a say in decisions about their care and in the development of local health services. The Participation Standard is a way of measuring how well NHS Boards do this

The Participation Standard measures three things:

  1. How well NHS Boards focus on the patient - people should be involved in discussions about their own treatment and care; information about treatments and local health services should be available and easily accessible; people should be treated with dignity and respect; carers should be supported; and people should be encouraged and helped to give feedback or make complaints about services.
  2. How well NHS Boards involve the public - people should be well informed about local healthcare services; supported to get involved in making decisions about changes to services; and told how their views have been taken into account.
  3. How NHS Boards take responsibility for ensuring they involve the public - NHS Boards should make sure their decisions take account of the views of the public; and should encourage their own members of staff to involve the public in their work.

Please see the most recent submission for the Participation Standard for 2012/13 for NES.

For further information contact Jane Davies